Watkins Product Info

Listed below are the product categories with links to PDFs containing more detailed information about each grouping.   

Natural Gourmet – these are herbs, spices, dips, oils and other food related items.

10/11 Pantry —2 oz/59 mL Extracts
10/11 Pantry —8 oz/236 mL Baker’s-Sized Extracts
2/12 Pantry — Cinnamon, Extracts & Black Pepper
1/11 Pantry — Spices, Seasonings, Bread Mix & Kitchen Essentials (3 MB)
1/11 Pantry — Bases Soup, Dessert Mixes, Grapeseed Oils & Sauces (2 MB)

Personal Care – these are items for face and body care

Personal Care 2011 Presentation

3/12 Personal Care — Natural
Baby Care 2011 Presentation
Facial Care 2011 Presentation

Home Remedies – these are medicinal items and supplements

1/12 Over the Counter Medicinals
10/11 Supplements

Home Care – these are home cleaning and maintenance products

Traditional Favorites

Within some of the categories there are traditional favorites which are long term Watkins products that are not part of the Watkins Naturals line.  These are  formulations based upon traditional concepts.

9/11 Traditional Favorites

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