The Summit Group

The Summit Group is the largest, most award-winning team of independent work-from-home business people who represent the Watkins company. Our associates use this site for 24/7 access to free training, free business tools, and free coaching that helps them maximize their income.

To enter this site, you must currently be an independent Watkins associate within one of the Summit Group’s leadership teams (including the downline teams of top leaders Steven & Ginny Bretzke, Jerry Fochtmann, LeAnn & Greg Kirsch, Mike & Annie Koenig, Tom & Shelly Koenig, Jan & Randy Robinson, Anne Thomas, or David & Frances Daisey).

If you’re considering earning income as a Watkins associate, be absolutely positive that your sponsor (the person you join under) is already a Summit Group associate. If you choose to join under a Watkins associate who is not a member of our Summit Group team, we are prohibited by company policy from ever allowing you access to our training and support.

History of the Summit Group

The Summit Group was founded in 1990 by Ginny & Steve Bretzke, a couple experienced in the Network Marketing and Direct Selling industries. After years of searching for the perfect home-based business, they discovered Watkins, a quiet yet solid company with more than 100 years of providing high quality products for home and health. The Bretzkes have since helped thousands of individuals create a better life for themselves and their families with the flexible schedule and ongoing residual income that this kind of business offers.

The Bretzkes started off just like all new associates, with no other members on their team. Because of their knowledge and expertise, however, their Summit Group team has blossomed into the quickest growing, largest, and most-award winning team in all of Watkins. Besides solid incomes, successful Summit Group team members have received recognition at the annual Watkins conference and have earned free travel to all parts of the world.

Facts about Watkins and the Summit Group

  • You can create a better life for yourself and your family by joining the Summit Group and starting your own Watkins business.
  • This business can allow you to have a perfect income that won’t interfere with your family, your current job, your social life, or any of your other priorities.
  • One thing that helps the Summit Group stand out head and shoulders above other Watkins teams is our exclusive 9-4-1 materials. These free tools can help you build an ongoing monthly income without focusing on selling products to customers.
  • Almost anything you want to achieve is possible. People from all walks of life, all ages, and all types of background experience have benefited from this business.
  • Watkins is perfect for those people who need a second source of income during these tough economic times. The Watkins business gives you the flexibility for your family and other priorities… and you can never get that if you’re trying to work a second part-time hourly job where a boss designs a schedule that requires you to clock-in late nights and weekends.
  • Our team is made of up stay-at-home parents, retirees, college students, and many people working full-time careers who just need a little extra (including people with backgrounds in teaching, engineering, marketing, insurance, computer programming, automotive repair, restaurant and food service, music, construction, and virtually every other career imaginable). Regardless of your background, you’ll be a welcome member of our team, and you can succeed.
  • Watkins is a solid company with over 140 years providing superior products used in homes across North America, which means it’s a strong company to be affiliated with today, and it will be around for years to come to provide you with a long-term, reliable income opportunity.
  • The Summit Group is an organization of thousands of associates across the United States and Canada. These are friendly, family-oriented people who help others learn the benefit of the Watkins products and business.
  • Summit Group associates use the Watkins business opportunity as the vehicle that allows them to move toward their goals of having fun, helping friends, creating wealth, and reaching dreams.
  • You have total flexibility. There are no ongoing requirements. You control how you build your business and can change your involvement level at any time. You choose your business strategies based on your personal goals and what feels most comfortable for you.
  • The primary role of associates is to spread the word about the quality, value, and beneficial aspects of the Watkins business and products. You can communicate with people yourself, or establish a group of other associates who can help you communicate with many more people than you could alone.
  • Our top-earning associates work primarily from home, by phone and computer. They are on a totally flexible schedule that they choose. They can change their involvement level at any time, to fit around the needs of their family, without fear of being pressured or shunned. They simply use the Watkins products that make sense for them, and they always get the associate’s discount of at least 25% off, so it saves them lots of money over buying similar products weekly at their local grocery store. Then they use the computer and phone to build a team of associates who do the same. In a nutshell, it’s really that simple.
  • Establishing your own group of associates in that manner can help you create residual income, which means you can earn ongoing income month-after-month, even when you choose not to work. It gives you total flexibilty.
  • The compensation plan with Watkins is excellent.
  • If you focus on the a strategy of team building and personal use, you’ll typically earn between about 5% to 10% of the volume generated by your group as residual/bonus income. Average annual incomes for mid- to high-level leaders, most of whom work part-time, range from $16,562 to $236,124 (in U.S. dollars), with some individuals earning much more.
  • Although you’re never required to focus on traditional retailing activities, we realize that some associates enjoy and prefer activities such as catalog sharing (gathering order from friends, family, or co-workers, kind of like an Avon representative), presenting Watkins Good Tastings parties (similar to a Tupperware or Tastefully Simple party plan business), booth sales (such as at church bazaars, county fairs, and trade shows), or online retailing. If you choose to use any of those optional retailing methods, you can easily and immediately begin earning from 25% and 39% of the retail price as your profits on your customer’s orders.
  • Even as a brand new associate, you can immediately profit from either the Team Building approach or the traditional Retailing model.
  • For team builders, there’s a new Watkinize Your Home bonus program and other incentives, including cash bonuses and all-expense-paid trips to exotic locations.
  • Three areas of support come together for you: 1) Watkins is there with great products, order processing, and computer systems; 2) The Summit Group’s associates and leaders are available to encourage you and provide assistance; and 3) the Summit Group’s business tools and systems give you proven business building methods you can easily duplicate.
  • You’ll receive plenty of encouragement and recognition from other Summit Group associates who want to help you succeed.
  • You don’t need previous experience. The Summit Group provides excellent training and support.
  • The initial investment is not a burden. Although most associates invest several hundred dollars in products to try and some business materials, it’s possible to get started for far less.
  • Realize that you’re starting your OWN business as a Watkins associate (not getting a job as an employee)… and being a “business owner” can get many benefits (that you’d never get if you tried to supplement your income with a part-time hourly job as an employee) . For example, as a member of our Watkins team, you’ll reap the rewards for your efforts, rather than having a boss or employer get credit for your hard work. Also, you won’t be relying on some bosses’ opinion of whether you deserve a raise and how much—your efforts and results determine your income with Watkins. Your income is unlimited—as you achieve more success, your income checks can continue to increase indefinitely. And, of course, you can get tax breaks that are only available to business owners.
  • Watkins was the first company of any kind to offer a money-back guarantee, back in 1868. Today, all Watkins products are fully guaranteed, even your membership package.
  • Watkins is a company that offers environmentally-friendly and health conscious products: USDA certified 100% organic spices, natural seasoning blends, all-natural gourmet grapeseed oils for cooking, natural personal care and facial care items, natural plant-based home care and cleaning products, and earth-friendly high-performance laundry detergent.
  • The company is most famous for high-quality, reasonably priced gourmet foods like Watkins Vanilla, Watkins Black Pepper, and Watkins Cinnamon. These let people cook great-tasting meals at home on a budget.
  • Also, the company’s home remedies have been favorites for years, including Watkins Petro Carbo Salve, Watkins Menthol Camphor Ointment in the U.S. (called Medicated Ointment in Canada), Watkins Red Liniment, Watkins White Cream Liniment, and a whole line of complementary dietary supplements and vitamins.
  • Personal care items are popular, too, including hand and body lotions, shampoo, and more.
  • These are the kinds of products that virtually all families buy and use in the homes every month. Why not become a Watkins associate on our Summit Group team… you’ll get the associate’s discount of at least 25% off everything you purchase for your own use… and if you simply choose to help spread the word to others who do the same, it can create significant extra income for you.
  • It’s easy to get started by phone or online. Just contact a Watkins associate on the Summit Group team for details…
  • Important: Again, when you are getting ready to join… ask and be positive BEFORE you join that the associate you are joining under is part of the Summit Groupotherwise you will never be able to get support, training, or encouragement from our team.

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