About Not Mom’s Cleaners

As an independent Watkins consultant, I’m attracted  by the blend of old-fashioned attitude combined with modern technology, ingredients and the ever-present enthusiasm surrounding these products, whether it’s from Watkins corporate, other sales associates or the customers.  These are indeed not just Mom’s cleaners.  Hence the name.

Watkins is a wonderful product line which I’m proud to have found.  Yes, I use many, many of the products myself and do notice a difference in taste in the case of the herbs and spices, and in reduced respiratory issues with regard to the cleaning products.  They smell great, clean well, last a long time and don’t leave me all snuffy when I use them.

In my own research I have found so far that Watkins’ products represent one of the best values in the natural products category, whether that’s in a brick and mortar store or online.  Many products are actually certified by the Natural Products Association not only for ingredients but packaging and the sourcing and manufacturing process.  Add to this eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials, and the consistently competitive or lower prices, Watkins just is in a class by itself.  People AND environmentally friendly.

My background is mostly in sales and sales management where I started on Wall Street as a young woman as a sales assistant and worked my way through a myriad number of start-up companies with a stint as an entrepreneur myself with a bookkeeping service called The Bottom Line.

In the 90’s I worked for a B2B online marketing firm for seven years during which time on weekends I worked as a sales person in a furniture store.  From online I went to retail in various management positions mainly in the skin and personal care industry.  In between I was a manager at Mary Kay Cosmetics, a sales associate for Lia Sophia, dabbled with Send Out Cards, and am now a Bronze Consultant for Watkins.

One of the things that I notice as a work at home person who’s required to be out and about in spontaneous situations, are the number of wonderful people I meet.  It really is a pleasure and a privilege being in their homes and in their lives, and I think that’s what makes doing this work, despite its challenges, so satisfying.

It’s a pleasure and a privilege to have you on my journey, too.  Do feel free to comment or email me at info @ notmomscleaners.com any time.

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